The culture we have breeds success

You’ll find yourself leveling up in all facets of life.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to create wealth and passive residual income, reach bigger goals, and level up your life, this is the right place. 

In 2019 Maxed Out started with just 1 person, Max Willett. Over the next 4 years, the team has grown to include over 200 Agents, 15 Leaders and generates over $100M in revenue annually. Our business is thriving and we are able to offer more career opportunities than ever before. Just as the Insurance Industry is expanding, so is our sales force. 

We help people build generational wealth.

We are not in the business of making money, we are in the business of building WEALTH. The typical 9-5 will provide a comfortable salary but we are not here for comfort because that is not what allows you to join the top 1%. A sales job is truly not meant for everyone, but if you hustle, are disciplined, and invest in yourself not only financially but with your time and energy, we will invest in you too and your success here will be inevitable. 

One of the biggest reasons people fail is because they have a limiting mindset. A mindset is defined as the habitual characteristics and attitude one has that determines how you respond to situations. The training and resources will be provided to you, and mindset coaching is a big part of that. Here, with the right tools and in the right environment, you will develop an unbreakable mindset.

The one thing everyone can control is what they do with the time that they have. This opportunity is not for you if you prefer to waste away binge watching TV or partying every weekend. If you want to live the life others dream of, you have to do the things others are not willing to do. This requires sacrifice. Short term sacrifice for long term success. Be ready because this is the ultimate commitment with an incredible reward.

Brian Fuller

Field Sales Leader

Team Wolfgang

Brian Fuller is the Field Sales Leader for Team Wolfgang within Maxed Out. He began his Insurance career in 2020, after completing his degree as a Financial Advisor. 

In 2021, Brian finished #1 in the country and was the first ever to surpass $4M in Personal Production. He changed the game with his unshakable work ethic and relentless mindset. His Team finished top 2 in the country in 2022 and currently is pushing to #1 in 2023.

Team Wolfgang has a culture like no other. He demands performance and won’t allow excuses to get in the way of his agent’s success. Brian has helped countless agents achieve 6-figures and won’t allow them to settle for less when the opportunity for success is so great. His goal is to always be #1 and his mission is to continue to help his team while providing excellent service to clients as well.

Parita Patel

Field Sales Leader

Team Everything

Parita Patel is the Field Sales Leader for Team Everything within Maxed Out. She began her Insurance career in 2021, after 4 years as the Chief Operating Officer of a fitness company based in Tampa, FL.

In 2022, Parita finished #1 in the country and was the first female in the history of the company to accomplish such a feat. She surpassed $5.6M in Personal Production, breaking every record that has existed due her innovation with utilizing Social Media as a method of building relationships and referral partnerships. She is a 7-figure earner and an integral part of the top team in the country with agents who are hungry and ready to change their lives FOREVER. Her team sits top 5 in the country as an FSL in 2023. 

Parita truly believes everything happens for a reason. Her biggest passions in life are leadership and personal development and she  strives to become an elite version of herself so that she may help others do the same.

Chad Douglas

Field Sales Leader

Team Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Chad Douglas is the Field Sales Leader for Team Can’t Stop Won’t Stop within Maxed Out. After a long career within hospitality management, Chad successfully mastered the people-skills needed to enter a sales career and started off strong within the insurance world. 

Within his first year, Chad was a top Personal Producer and finished in the top 5 of his class. Year two his team finished top 10 and in 2023 he sits as #4 in the country with Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. Earning multiple 6-figures each year has been a proud achievement for Chad but feels like nothing compared to the success of his agents. His biggest priorities have been team growth and the success shows as he has recruited more people to Team Can’t Stop Won’t Stop than any other FSL team in 2023. The sky’s the limit and Chad will continue to push himself and others daily to live up to his team name. 


Billy Pickhart
Billy Pickhart

Team Squadzilla

Catherine Douglas

Team Self-Made

Chris Mueller - Team Night Train
Chris Mueller

Team Night Train

Jack Strole
Zack Strole

Team 300

lucas Rodriguez
Lucas Rodriguez

Team Jet Issue

Seth Groff
Seth Groff

Team Dinero District

Shannon Johnsen
Shannon Johnsen

Team Xtreme

Susan Hamilton
Susan Hamilton

Team Axe Cap

Taylor Cronce
Taylor Cronce

Team Commission Cowboys

Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson

Team Legacy

Radia Ramidi

Executive Recruiter

Aaliyah Diaz

Executive Assistant